Top in demand courses to study in Canada

Top in demand courses in Canada

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In any country like Canada, Australia and UK, maximum number of jobs in particular categories always depend on the Shortage Occupation List of that country. In this article, we will list out the most popular and top in demand courses to study in Canada to get high paying jobs.

Approximately 700,000 overseas students enter Canada to study each year and this number is increasing year by year. Canada has some of the best universities which rank in top 20 of world best university rank. Canada universities are famous for high quality of teaching and research projects.

Top in demand courses to study in Canada for getting career oriented jobs

1. Computer Science and Information Technology

IT professionals are in demand anywhere in the world and Canada is one of them. There are a number of part time, full time and contract based IT jobs available in Canada

2. MBA

MBA is amongst first three choices of every overseas students. However MBA degrees are much costly than other degrees but there are a number of job opportunities available for MBAs in Canada

3. Hospitality and Tourism

Canada is a famous tourism destination and it is famous for beaches and landscapes. Canada is known as a land of dreams. Every year Canada offers thousands of new jobs for this sector.

4. Engineering

Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Electronics and Chemical engineers are in high demand in Canada and also listed in shortage occupation list.

5. Business and Finance

At the moment both these fields are in huge demand in Canada therefore there are great career opportunities for these fields

6. Apart from these following courses are also in Shortage occupation list

  • ┬áMedia & Journalism
  • Psychology and Human Resources
  • Bioscience, Healthcare and Medicines
  • Earth science and renewable energies

#Top in demand courses in Canada

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